Empowering Yacht Crew To Level Up

Empowering Yacht Crew To Level Up



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Yachts on the market require professional, qualified yacht crew



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People employed in the yachting industry


Average salary for green deck or interior crew

Introduction to Yachting & Yachting Life

Seas The Day Training offers the only IAMI GUEST accredited online course, aimed at green crew, in any department. It is now a recommended industry standard alongside STCW. This is due to the fact STCW does not teach you anything about the standards, expectations or what life is REALLY like onboard!

Learn about terminology, radio use, cultures, crew agents, CV creation, yacht etiquette and more, and gain an internationally recognised certification on completion. 

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About Us

Our Faceless crew community is driven by a singular mission: to assist new recruits, junior crew and established members of the yachting industry in elevating their skills, without the burden of expensive courses. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and the impact it can have on individual growth and the broader maritime community.

Introducing Our Brand Ambassador

Tracey Boston

Tracey Boston

Welcome aboard!

I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the first brand ambassador for Our Faceless Crew, a vibrant community that resonates deeply with my personal and professional ethos. As a social butterfly, my decade-long journey through the yachting industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. I've had the privilege of serving as a fully certified yacht stewardess on high-profile charter vessels, catering to the likes of royalty and celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Lewis Hamilton, Beyoncé, and Jay Z. From junior stewardess to chief stew, and even taking on roles on deck and in the galley, my experiences have been as diverse as they are enriching.

I believe wholeheartedly in leading by example, effective communication, empathy, and the power of sharing knowledge. Our Faceless Crew embodies these values, aiming to empower individuals within the maritime community to excel and achieve their dreams. I'm beyond excited to be involved with this incredible community, and I invite you
to join us in this journey of growth, learning, and excellence.

Join us, as we build a community that understands where you’ve started from, and where you want to get to.

Tracey Boston

Our Ambassadors



Meet our adventurous ambassador, Madeleine. 

From sailing and diving since the age of nine to first mate sailing around the world, she’s living her dreams and sharing it with our community as an ambassador for Our Faceless Crew. 

Follow her sailing adventures  @maddyblake_ 



Meet our creative, multitasking ambassador, Talia.

“To be able to be on the ocean, traveling to these beautiful, exquisite places as well as the ocean life, the independent lifestyle, while working extremely hard knowing that you will be rewarded at the end of the season makes this life so appealing.”

Follow her upcoming yachting adventures  @taliajls8


Kate Holden

Kate Holden

“Our Faceless Crew, My personal guardian angel.”

After deciding to take on the adventure of being a stewardess on yachts I was worried I wouldn’t be able to learn and be successful in the industry. I was told I was not right for the industry and felt disheartened to even try. I received a 3rd Stewardess position on a vessel and was welcomed by the brightest smile. One of the founders of OFC was my first Chief stewardess, and she was just what I needed. She was very welcoming and professional, she patiently taught me every little thing she could and took me under her wing, which has driven me to succeed in the industry.

She drove me to become the best Chief Stewardess I could be, she is what I aimed to be and hope I can be as great a Chief Stewardess as her. There are many Chief Stewardesses in the Yachting industry and after being in the industry for years, she is still ranked number one. Her knowledge, professionalism and comforting friendly attitude is a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend any course they are running as she is an inspiration.

Kate Holden - Chief Stewardess

Mate Vidov

Mate Vidov

"It felt like I had a personal mentor by my side!"

Embarking on my journey as a junior/green crew member, I was filled with uncertainties and questions about the industry and my ability to perform my duties effectively. However, everything changed when I began working closely with one of the founders of Our Faceless Crew.

Thanks to their guidance and courses, my learning curve skyrocketed, far surpassing that of my peers. I gained invaluable knowledge and confidence that equipped me to excel in any situation on the job. Reflecting on my progress, I realise how fortunate I was to receive such exceptional knowledge and support.

Their coaching not only empowered me to thrive in my current role, but also inspired me to continuously push myself and evolve as a valuable member of the crew. I wholeheartedly recommend Our Faceless Crew's course and guidance to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in this industry.

Mate Vidov - Chief Officer