Meet Deck/Stew Mirella

Meet Deck/Stew Mirella

My name is Mirella, and I hail from the picturesque peninsula of Pelješac in Croatia, specifically a quaint town called Viganj. Growing up by the sea has instilled in me a deep and abiding love for it. My early education involved daily boat trips to school, as our small town only offered the first four grades locally. This experience taught me resilience and a profound respect for the ocean, even when it was tempestuous.

 After completing my elementary and high school education on the island of Korčula, I pursued Information Technology at university in Split for two years. Though I didn't complete my degree, I discovered my true passion lay in working with people. I spent six years as a waitress and bartender, reveling in the diversity of individuals I encountered and the impact they had on my life.


My love for the sea never waned, and I yearned for a profession that combined this passion with my desire to see the world. Yachting presented the perfect opportunity. The allure of waking up to a new view each day and exploring the stunning Croatian coast drew me in. For the past three years, I have thrived in this role, finding that it has brought me peace, patience, and a renewed appreciation for my time and energy.

 I am excited to be part of the Our Faceless Crew community and look forward to the adventures and connections this journey will bring.

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