The Yachtie Summer Body

The Yachtie Summer Body


Q & A with yacht bosun and fitness trainer, Carlos of Training.Outdoors

Customizing a Nutrition Plan on a Yacht:

Q: What do you suggest, in terms of a nutrition plan for a yacht crew member?

A: Nutrition is the most important part of setting healthy goals… the way that you eat and what you eat determines a big part of your success. Remember…80% nutrition - 20% exercise. You just need to find your own way to start. The nutrition plan includes  common sense, quantity control and avoiding carbs and sugars in the evening. Balanced meals are usually prepared by the chef, so again…there are no excuses.


Setting Realistic Goals:

Q: How do you help yacht crew set achievable fitness and nutrition goals, given the challenges they face?

A: I usually set the goals weekly then you can see your results slowly but frequently.

It’s mostly just about your attitude. If you can commit to do at least 30 to 40min workout at least 4 days a weeks (I understand we don’t have plenty of time and we are tired but is just to find the right time and get the motivation) then you will definitely achieve your goals.


Essential Exercises for Yacht Crew with limited space for exercising:

Q: What are the most important exercises for yacht crew members to stay fit, considering their small living area?

 A: I recommend a functional training plan using simple training tools like elastic bands or kettles bells, and our own body weight for resistance.

I think it is important to do some cardio, like jumping rope, combined with a bit of upper and lower body exercises. You’ll see these in the videos so far on Our Faceless Crew’s Wellness page and on my Instagram account. The most effective workouts when you don’t have much time are the challenges. You can find my challenge routines as well as routines with bands, kettles and body resistance on my ig account @training.outdoors.

 At the beginning of my page, I did lots of the exercises in my room during Covid, so for me, there are no excuses about small spaces. Anything is possible if you are committed.


Success as a Yacht Fitness Trainer:

Q: What makes a fitness trainer successful on a yacht?

A: You can adjust your training schedule to help the crew members according with their work schedule. It is about making  a suitable training plan when everybody can join or at least tell them what to do once they have the time. Then, follow their progression.

Providing them with a plan, offering them guidance and motivating them to follow up is key. Fitness trainers on board keep their crew motivated and are source of support. These types of trainers are the most successful. The ones that embody leadership, a community spirit and a healthy mindset.


Motivation and Mental Health:

Q: How do you keep yacht crew motivated to stick to their fitness goals in the isolated and high-pressure environment of yachting?

 A: I think that using motivation as a therapy is the best way. For me, doing my training sessions, even if I’m exhausted or without much time, that’s like my best time of the day, because I really connect with myself.


Carlos Castillod continues to motivate, inspire and captivate as one of Our Faceless Crew’s health and fitness ambassadors. He has been in the industry for seven years, and is currently a bosun on a newly launched yacht.

Follow his training programs, made especially for working out in limited spaces, on Instagram @training.outdoors

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