abs workout for yacht crew

The Abs Glow-Up

In the bustling life of yacht crew members, finding time for a comprehensive workout can be challenging. Recognizing this, we've partnered with our super motivated fitness ambassador, Carlos Castillo of Training Outdoors, to bring you a short and effective ab workout designed specifically for those with limited time and space.

This ‘abs of steel’ program emphasizes quick, intense exercises that target core strength, flexibility, and endurance, all while considering the unique conditions aboard.

Whether you're between charters or just have a spare moment on deck, this routine ensures you can maintain peak physical condition without the need for extensive equipment or space.

Join us in embracing a healthier lifestyle, even in the most confined environments, and discover how staying fit at sea has never been easier.


  • Knee Tuck               4 sets - Each 20 seconds
  • Around The World   4 sets - Each 20 seconds
  • Flutter Kick              4 sets - Each 20 seconds



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