Shaking Up Luxury

Shaking Up Luxury

Ever wondered how the luxurious world of yachting could tantalize your taste buds beyond high-end gourmet cuisine? Our Faceless Crew introduces dynamic yacht mixologist, Misha Safoniuk, who tells his story of unparalled cocktail artistry for yachts.

In his own words:

"Once I stepped behind the bar, I realized it was my calling, and in the distant past, I made the right decision. For years, I dedicated myself to self-improvement, learning, reading extensively, attending endless trainings and masterclasses, absorbing knowledge from everyone. Over time, I began opening new projects, where I held positions such as head bartender, brand head bartender, managing large restaurant chains, and opening new bars, casinos, lounge cafes, and nightclubs. I Created cocktail menus, recipes, and much more.

And now… I am a mixologist with over twenty years of experience. Throughout this time, I genuinely enjoyed my life in general and work— it was more than just a job, it's also a hobby. I love creating new recipes, conceptualizing and mixing each cocktail, and crafting creative presentations for my signature cocktails.



"A cocktail is not just mixed alcohol with ice; it's a chain of small nuances that need to come together as a whole."

Typically, a person enjoys a cocktail long before taking the first sip. In my view, it happens like this: First, our guest drinks the cocktail with their ears—it's your storytelling, the story of the cocktail, why these ingredients are mixed here, why this strong alcohol is the base of your cocktail, etc.

Then, your guest drinks the cocktail with their eyes—this is your presentation, the glass you've chosen, the decoration, the garnish for your cocktail, perhaps what the glass is served on or with.

The next sip of your cocktail, the guest experiences with their nose—it's the aroma of your cocktail, which you impart through many nuances, flavorings, garnishes, decorations, etc. And only then does the guest take the first sip—it's the taste and aftertaste, and here, a miracle should happen. All these puzzle pieces should come together into a coherent picture, and if they do, that's when you get the "Wow" effect. It means your cocktail is incomparable.



Therefore, when creating your signature cocktail, every aspect must be executed perfectly. That's what being a mixologist is all about. This is how I prepared for every competition and mixology championship. Over the years, I've participated in over 25 mixology competitions and championships, had my own TV show, and was featured as one of Ukraine's 50 best mixologists.

All my experiences led to development, new acquaintances, confidence in public speaking and inner confidence. After each competition, my skills increase many times over. That's why it was so important to step out of my comfort zone and explore something new, pushing myself into the unknown.



I was introduced to yachting in 2016; my wife has been working on yachts for over fifteen years, and thanks to her, I first stepped aboard a luxury yacht, and that moment was something special! I remember how astonished I was by everything surrounding me on board. It's the luxury segment, it's another life, it's a different perception of everything around you. After that, I developed a love for yachts.

By 2024, I had been aboard quite a few yachts, and then this idea came to me..."Mixology in Luxury". Why not bring my mixology experience into the yachting realm? It's a combination of something special—luxury yachts, luxury guests, professional staff, traveling the world, delicious food, parties, elite alcoholic beverages, beautiful tableware, and MIXOLOGY. It’s all some magical concoction that needs to be put together correctly, resulting in an incredible blend, that perfect recipe.

Creating the Cocktail Yacht Club page immersed me even more in the world of yachting. It’s yacht shows, yacht diversity, stewardess work, perfect yacht vacation destinations, and much more.

On my page, I mainly focus on six blocks: yachts, locations, cocktails, mixology techniques, mixology tools, and alcoholic beverages. Of course, I will cover other important topics, but mainly, it will be everything related to mixology.

This year, we began our collaboration with Barta Design, one of Europe's most renowned companies producing designer equipment for mixologists and cocktailware. They've also created their own mixologist's notebook, and by the way, we at Cocktail Yacht Club are currently developing a stewardess' notebook. I hope that very soon, we'll be able to present it on our Instagram and TikTok pages.

This year, we also started collaborating with Foam+, a Ukrainian craft food additive that provides a stable, dense, and uniform white matte foam with a neutral smell. This foam can be used as an alternative to egg white in cocktail preparation. We have many other interesting collaborations planned that will be of interest to the yachting community.

Foam food additive adds a uniform matte foam with a neutral smell for cocktails

We offer three distinct menus for yachts: Short Route, Medium Route, and Around the World. Each package is meticulously curated with a selection of cocktails, accompanied by my guidance post-purchase. For instance, the Short Route package features popular classic alcoholic cocktails alongside two non-alcoholic options.

The Medium Route package includes award-winning author's cocktails and crafted non-alcoholic beverages. The Around the World package showcases signature cocktails with complex preparations, complete with recipes and educational content in each box. I provide personalized recommendations on alcohol selection to enhance the taste and quality of your cocktails."



Special Training on Your Yacht:

I am available to conduct tailored training sessions on any yacht worldwide, focusing on each specific virtual package  from our cocktail menu. These sessions cover alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail preparation, mixology tool mastery, and the proper use of equipment.

As partners with top-tier designer cocktail equipment companies, we ensure comprehensive training to enhance your yachting experience, improving factors such as speed, service, and quality. Additionally, we offer various training sessions on alcohol, cocktails, inventory, equipment, and cocktail decoration.


Events and Celebrations:

Invite us onboard to elevate your charter events, including theme parties and birthdays, with our customized cocktail and alcoholic menu services. We tailor the menu to suit your guest count, theme, and preferences, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Custom Bottled Cocktails:

Experience consistency and convenience with our individually crafted bottled cocktails. Featuring your yacht's logo and design, these cocktails maintain their quality and taste while saving time for the interior crew, thereby enhancing service efficiency. We calculate the number of cocktails for each charter, creating a unique menu of bottled cocktails tailored to your preferences.


For yacht stews aspiring to WOW their guests we present:



Cocktail « El Cóndor Pasa »

•1615 Pisco del Peru

•Amaro Montenegro

•Raisins purée homemade

•Acid Mix

•Foam +


Imagine yourself on a luxurious yacht, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and a gentle breeze. The sun kisses your skin as you reach for this tantalizing creation. El Cóndor Pasa is a true taste of pure luxury.

This cocktail is a wild ride of flavors. We start with Pisco, a spirit that'll make your taste buds soar like a condor in the sky. Next up, we add Amaro Montenegro, adding a touch of Italian charm that'll make you say "buongiorno" to pure pleasure. Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a zesty kick, while homemade raisin puree adds a touch of sophistication.

But here's where it gets really wild, my friends. We've got Easy Foam, a protein food substitute that gives this cocktail a light, airy foam that'll make you feel like you're floating on cloud nine. It's the cherry on top of this incredible drink, taking it to new heights of deliciousness.

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